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A Welcome to New Year  2017

"A strikingly elegant, and fascinating book with which to start your New Year."

Now in her later years, Dorothy was recently reflecting on her truly kaleidoscopic and productive life, and surrounded by the evidence of her music and poetry, she felt moved to review and record her decades of experiences, so humanely expressed in lyric and verse from her early childhood - from the age of six! 

This impressive 200-page volume is well beyond a random anthology of poems. Dorothy sees her life in retrospect as resembling a chain of mountains, with its peaks and troughs tragically divided into two distinct parts by a steep precipice, the early death of her adored and adoring husband Brian. And so the lyrics and poems are grouped to serve as reflections of her interests, activities, thoughts, moods, with appropriate autobiographical text.

Typically,Dorothy expresses the hope that for the reader the book will provide a chance to enjoy a wide-ranging collection of lyrics and poems and, in so doing, share to a degree her multi-faceted life experience.  

Amazon offers the book at the very reasonable price of 9.95 (Kindle version 2.50) 

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