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Performance in Rome
December 2005

Grandfather and Heidi

"We all need a shoulder to cry on"



Winter season 2002
15 November - 4 January 2003

Chemainus Theatre
Vancouver Island BC



From the Press




"Chemainus Theatre's world premiere of HEIDI bloomed like an alpine flower during Friday's opening show . . . .

"The happy-ever-after ending is no surprise after a show that's really a super-sweet Christmas cake.

"Writer/composer Dorothy Lees-Blakey has beautifully brought novelist Johanna Spyri's (1827-1901) children's tale to the stage for all ages."



           The Chronicle - Masthead

"Director Jeremy Tow believes the audience will identify with the larger theme of the musical.
. . . 

"Tow added the play has an excellent balance of good dialogue and “singable” music. 

"It’s not your typical musical,” said Tow. “The scenes are not sacrificed to get to the next song.”

"Samantha McKenna, who plays Heidi, believes the story has wide appeal because of its universal themes, specifically the power of joy and positive thinking. 

“I think it’s just amazing,” said McKenna. “It’s like a children’s pop-up story book.”

 Heidi and Grandfather

Photograph by courtesy of
The Chronicle




Nanaimo News Bulletin - Masthead

"Billed as family holiday theatre, Heidi deserves just such an audience. 

"This play would make a perfect introduction to live theatre for youngsters. I’m sure for adults the yodelling lesson is merely entertaining; for the youngsters in the audience on the review night it was clearly entrancing. 

"While the rest of the world lines up for Harry Potter tickets, Heidi would be a much more rewarding evening out. The storyline may be older, but something done well never loses its charm. 

"Heidi just happens to be one of those occasions."



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