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 The Humalong Song


  The Humalong Song has quite a history. 

It was first performed in 1980 in a Christmas production of Cinderella at Hamilton Place, Hamilton, Ontario, when it received critical acclaim by the press as a 'highlight of the show'. The following year it was produced as a single by Berandol of Toronto, just as Dorothy's It's Christmas came out on the record album Santa Claus is Canadian.

Since then the song has been heard on Canadian TV and Radio and on BBC Radio in the UK. It has also featured on the Fred Penner Children's Show on CBC Television.

In 1982 The Humalong Song was published by Gordon V Thompson in the Schools' series Canada is Music, and in the same year appeared alongside my It's Christmas in the Musicanada series published by Holt, Rinehart, Winston of Canada.

Humalong was next heard in the summer of 1990 at Huron County Playhouse II, Grand Bend, Ontario, in the first production Dorothy's musical The Girl on the Mountain.

Now forming the climax to her 'Symphonic Tale in Poetry and Song' The Pied Piper, since 1996 it has had several highly successful performances with major orchestras in Canada and in New Zealand.




                              The Humalong Song

                                         1980 Dorothy Lees-Blakey 



Humalong score (17K)

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