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The Lord's Prayer  

  There is a wealth of settings of the Lord's Prayer, so why another? To try to get back to the quiet simplicity of the most cherished of Christian prayers.

Many settings, modern ones especially, have become over-elaborate, in an attempt by the composer, one suspects, to exhibit virtuosity and to test that of the choir. 

This new setting is written for ordinary members of the congregation, including children, as well as for choirs, in the hope that they will find the music in sympathy with the gentle humility of those familiar words of prayer to our Father.

"a welcome addition to the repertoire. This setting captures the essential simplicity of our most familiar supplication".


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This setting was first sung by the choir of Crathie Church, Aberdeenshire, Scotland (Choirmaster: Charles Taylor) in 1993/94
 in the presence of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and the Royal Family, and has subsequently been performed by the Cambridge Kiwanis Boys' Choir (Choirmaster: James Kropf) in St. Paul's, Canterbury and other major British Cathedrals.

Crathie Church, Aberdeenshire, Scotland (12K)
Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II (15KB) Chorister (9KB) Cambridge Kiwanis Boys' Choir at St Pauls (7KB)




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