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         Love in a Minor Key - Title

"A MUSICAL JOURNEY THROUGH THE LOVE SONGS of Canadian songwriter Dorothy Lees-Blakey.

"This original revue, devised and directed by Willard Boudreau and Gary Smith, explores the many faces of love. Dramatic songs of a wide-ranging colour and texture explore the longing for love, old love, new love, borrowed love, blue love; the expression of passion; the sad resignation at love's loss. Here are songs of quick and immediate joy, cast against others that touch of pain and loneliness we feel at love's loss. Most of all, this is a celebration, a dramatic heart-warming experience that causes the spirit to sing.

"Performed in the intimacy of the Studio Theatre at The Hamilton Conservatory for the Arts, this delightful musical entertainment is a theatre piece destined to have a future life in other venues nationwide and beyond."

  Love in a Minor Key - Programme

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A few snatches of songs from a live performance
for you to sample.
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     Damn the Girl        

      The Little Girl Inside        

      Dangerous Lady           

     Love in a Minor Key     


     Please Stay      

   I'd Love to be in Love     

    Shadows on the Wall        

     Don't be Afraid of Love      

    Our Time for Love      


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