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Pride and Prejudice


  This original full-scale musical version of Jane Austen's world-famous and well-loved novel Pride and Prejudice was first performed in concert in May 1986 in Hamilton, Ontario, under the auspices of Theatre Aquarius, directed by Peter Mandia, musical direction by Doug Livingston.

Now, after some reshaping and with several new songs added, Pride and Prejudice had a fully staged and enthusiastically received production (8 -15 May 2003) at the Ridge Playhouse, Victoria, B.C., directed by Sylvia Hosie.



    Pride and Prejudice - Montage

"The fascinating world of Jane Austen, with all its captivating charm and sparkling wit, springs vividly to life in this brand-new musical, re-telling the well-loved tale of lively Elizabeth Bennet's seemingly impossible romance with the proud, uncommunicative Mr Darcy and how they finally overcome their prejudice against each other.

"Other love stories weave in and out of this lilting romantic comedy, against a background of unforgettable melodies that will linger long after you have left the theatre."



  "In many ways Lees-Blakey has captured the essential charm and good humor of 19th century Austen's narrow vision of rural English life.

" . . . and there are delightful moments when her musical . . . creates considerable aural and visual magic."
                                               The Hamilton Spectator


A Selection of Songs to Sample

To listen to an extract of the song, simply click the title 

   Welcome to Meryton     

    I'll have a Purple Hat    


    The Wedding Polka     


    Tonight is the Night     

    Waltzing our First Waltz     


     Lady Catherine     

     Blue Moonlight     

    Nowhere is a Place     


     I'm so in Love   


     Pride and Prejudice     

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