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      Some press comments and pictures


Don't drink the Water

  "Newcomer Dorothy Blakey handled her first major role with accuracy and command."  

" . . a  gem of a French maid from Dorothy Blakey of Burlington."


Private Lives


Robin Hood

"The rest of the cast . . . were overshadowed by Dorothy Blakey as the shrewish nagging wife of the Sheriff."

". . . . . it is Dorothy Lees-Blakey's Madame Arcati who steals the show.
A talented actress (she appears by special permission of Canadian Actors' Equity), Ms Lees-Blakey portrays Madame Arcati as fervent, jaunty, bossy and just on the shy side of certifiably insane.
With her outlandish get-ups and her headmistress-style platitudes, this foolish medium is a most unlikely link to the supernatural , but a guaranteed link to laughs for the audience."

Blithe Spirit


Trap for a Lonely Man

DLB as Nurse in Trap for a Lonely Man  
  DLB as Madame Pernelle in Tartuffe Madame Pernelle
Molière's Tartuffe 

"Dorothy Lees-Blakey's portrayal as Orgon's mother Madame Pernelle was a delicious cameo and the gem of the entire evening."

"A fine imperious performance by Dorothy Blakey . . ."


Philadelphia, Here I Come

  DLB as Madge in Philadelphia, Here I Come  
  DLB as Madge in The Dresser Madge (with Sir)
The Dresser 

"Dorothy Lees-Blakey, who composed the haunting theme music, plays the role of the stage manager. Subtle undercurrents of tension and lack of sympathy to Sir's breakdown shown in her portrayal, leave us stunned by her depth of feeling in the last scene."


Madge (with Norman)
The Dresser 

"a warmly human portrayal by 
Dorothy Lees-Blakey"

DLB as Madge(2) in The Dresser
  DLB as the Witch in Hansel and Gretel    

Hansel and Gretel

(Outdoor performance)



Hotel guest
Feydeau's Flea in Her Ear

  DLB as hotel guest in Flea in Her Ear  



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